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Dial type thermometer 4006 h

Dial type thermometers are designed to measure, Indicate and control the tempera-ture of a specific applications, like Transform-ers oil , Generators, Bearing temperature monitoring etc…


Dial type thermometers are liquid filled in the closed system and DTT consists of Bulb assembly, capillary and Expansion bel-lows. If the temperature changes, the internal pressure of the thermometer changes as well. The pressure is transferred through capillary to a pointer shaft and thus the temperature values are indicated on scale.

OTI and BTD works without external power for its operation and indicates corre-sponding oil temperature on front panel. WTI construction is also similar to OTI, in addition to that CT are provided to meas-ure the winding temperature plus winding temperature above hot level, i.e the hot spot temperature.

WTI are provided with gradient adjust-ment through a shunt for CT secondary in-put (1A to 5A)


  • 6 inch/150 mm Dial face for clear temperature indication.
  • 2 no’s of adjustable switches for control and alarm’s.
  • Accuracy Range with in ±1.5% of full scale
  • IP-55 Protection
  • 270º Angular sweep with 2℃ each graduation
  • Panel Mounting option provided

Hybrid Instrument

Hybrid Instruments are high performance temperature monitoring instrument with built in PT-100 sensor (RTD) & Current Converter Unit and external Remote Indi-cator with Built in power Supply Unit.

  • Instrument casings are Aluminum die casted and PU coated for weather proof, All in-side and outside components are Brass and SS304.
  • Switch test knob available

Technical Specification

01Temperature Range0 to 150 (-10 to150 Optional)ºC
02Angular Sweep270ºC
03Accuracy class± 1.5% of full scaleºC
04Dial Graduations2ºC
05Max. No of Switch2No’s
06Switch Rating5A @ 250V AC , 0.5A @ 220V DC
07Switch Differential5-10ºC
08SwitchNO type
09Switch Accuracy± 4ºC
10Max. Capillary LengthUpto 15Meters
12Degree of protectionIP-55
13High voltage test2.5kv AC, 50Hz/60Hz for 1 minute, all terminal to ground

How To Order?


aPower Supply90-275V AC/DC
bInputPT 100 RTD ( 3 wire Simplex)
cCT Signal in case of WTI0-5A AC
dSignal OutputUpto 2 sets of 4-20mA DC ( 600 Ohm re-sistance burden including cable resistance )
eOverall Dimension100(L) X 75 (W) X 112(D) MM with Din rail Mount
gAmbient Operating Temper-ature0- 50 ° C And 10 – 80 RH
hStoring Temperature-10°-60° and 10-90 RH
iDegree of Protection of En-closureIP 40


aPower Supply90-275V AC/DC
bDisplay4 Digits , 0.56 Inch , 7 Segment Red colour Display
cResolution0.1 ° C
dInput4-20mA Signals from CCU
eSignal OutputUpto 4 sets of 4-20mA DC
gSCADA CommunicationRS485 RTU Protocol
hOverall Dimension96(L)X 96(W)X110(D) MM with Panel mount Option ( Panel cut out dimension – 92 Sq mm
iAmbient Operating Temper-ature0- 50 ° C And 10 – 80 RH
jStoring Temperature-10°-60° and 10-90RH
kDegree of Protection of En-closureIP 20