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Dial type thermometers are designed to measure, Indicate and control the temperature of a specific applications, like Transformers oil , Generators, Bearing temperature monitoring etc…


Dial type thermometers are liquid filled in the closed system and DTT consists of Bulb assembly, capillary and Expansion bellows. If the temperature changes, the internal pressure of the thermometer hangs as well. The pressure is transferred through capillary to a pointer shaft and thus the temperature values are indicated on scale.

OTI and BTD works without external power for its operation and indicates corresponding oil temperature on front panel.

WTI construction is also similar to OTI, in addition to that CT are provided to measure the winding temperature plus winding temperature above hot level, i.e  the hot spot temperature.

WTI are provided with gradient adjustment through a shunt for CT secondary


  • 4.5 inch/115 mm Dial face for clear temperature indication.
  • 2 no’s of adjustable switches for control and alarm’s.
  • Accuracy Range with in ±1.5% of full scale
  • IP-55 Protection
  • 60o Angular sweep with 2°C each graduation
  • Panel Mounting option provided

Hybrid Instrument

  • Hybrid Instruments are high performance temperature monitoring instrument
    with built in PT-100 sensor (RTD) & Current Converter Unit and external Remote Indicator with Built in power Supply Unit.
  • Instrument casings are Aluminum die casted and PU coated for weather proof, All in-side and outside components are Brass and SS304.

Technical Specification

01Temperature Range0 to 150 (-10 to150 Optional)ºC
02Angular Sweep60ºC
03Accuracy class± 1.5% of full scaleºC
04Dial Graduations2ºC
05Max. No of Switch2No’s
06Switch Rating5A @ 250V AC , 0.5A @ 220V DC
07Switch Differential5-10ºC
08SwitchNO type
9Switch Accuracy± 4ºC
10Max. Capillary LengthUpto 15Meters
11Degree of protectionIP-55
12High voltage test2.5kv AC, 50Hz/60Hz for 1 minute, all terminal to ground

How To Order?


aPower Supply90-275V AC/DC
bInputPT 100 RTD ( 3 wire Simplex)
cCT Signal in case of WTI0-5A AC
dSignal OutputUpto 2 sets of 4-20mA DC ( 600 Ohm re- sistance burden including cable resistance )
eOverall Dimension100(L) X 75 (W) X 112(D) MM with Din rail Mount
fAmbient Operating Temper- ature0- 50 ° C And 10 – 80 RH
gStoring Temperature-10°-60° and 10-90 RH
hDegree of Protection of En- closureIP 40


aPower Supply90-275V AC/DC
bDisplay4 Digits , 0.56 Inch , 7 Segment Red colour Display
cResolution0.1 ° C
dInput4-20mA Signals from CCU
eSignal OutputUpto 4 sets of 4-20mA DC
fSCADA CommunicationRS485 RTU Protocol
gOverall Dimension96(L)X 96(W)X110(D) MM with Panel mount Option ( Panel cut out dimension – 92 Sq mm
hAmbient Operating Temper- ature0- 50 ° C And 10 – 80 RH
iStoring Temperature-10°-60° and 10-90RH
jDegree of Protection of En- closureIP 20